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UPS WorldShip How-To Guide: UPS Shipment History

Searching for a Shipment Using UPS History Feature

We can locate a shipment using the reference numbers we included in the initial shipment. We may need to search our UPS Shipment history if:

  • Our patron claims they returned an item that is on their account, and it was an EZBorrow or ILLiad item
  • One of our partnering libraries claims that they never received an item back that they loaned our patron 
  • Gumberg Library is invoiced for an item, and we need to check to verify it was not sent back before we bill our patron for an unreturned item

To locate a shipment in UPS WorldShip:

 1. Select "History" in the upper left corner of the main page

2. Select "Search History" toward the upper and middle section of the page 

3.  Toward the bottom of the page on the left side, select "Reference Number and Value" > "Any Package Reference No." > Type the reference number for the item you are trying to locate. Be sure that the "Date Range" also matches the period of time when this shipment may have been sent out. **Remember** shipments are archived every few months, so the shipment you are searching for could be archived. It is best to go by 2 week increments if the request was completed recently.