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UPS WorldShip How-To Guide: Find the "Customer ID"

Locating the 'Customer ID' on Outgoing Items

Most addresses that we ship to are already saved to our address book in UPS WorldShip. We have saved each address under a unique 'Customer ID' in order to process shipments as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

There are two main places (excluding residential shipments) where you will find the 'Customer ID' for an item.

1. The first location you will find the 'Customer ID' for an item is on an EZBorrow pull-slip. It is located toward the bottom of the slip of the page, and it will never be 'IDS 124,' since that is Duquesne's IDS number, and we do not want to ship to ourselves. 

2. The other type of 'Customer ID' is a 3-digit letter code. This is another identifier for libraries around the country that are not in the same consortium as libraries who use IDS numbers. An example of where you may find the 3-digit letter 'Customer ID' can be found below, and is always clearly indicated on the items we ship out:

In this example, the 'Customer ID' is 'UUW.'

There are other instances where you will find that the 'Customer ID' is not in these exact locations. ASD tries to make them as clear as possible on all outgoing items, but if you are unsure please do not hesitate to ask a staff member. Shipping an item to the wrong location can result in Gumberg Library receiving additional charges.