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Finding Full Text

A guide to accessing full text of published articles in Gumberg's collections, online, or with Interlibrary Loan

About Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be used to perform broad searches along with verifying citations. It is best used as a starting point for research, as scholarly materials aren't always peer reviewed.

Google Scholar combines the ease of Google with access to scholarly materials by searching the Web for scholarly articles, abstracts and books, weeding out popular magazine, newspaper or Internet articles.

Full-text versions of many items indexed by Google Scholar are not available for free through the Internet. Many are accessible through Gumberg Library subscription databases, tools such as LibKey Nomad, or through Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad).

Google Scholar also utilizes open access materials. These are scholarly materials available for free through links to anyone from that publisher's website.

For more information on using Google Scholar, see our full guide!

Getting Started in Google Scholar

To link directly from Google Scholar to Gumberg Library's resources, you must first set your preferences. 

Go to Google Scholar and click the menu tab > settings > Library links. 

Search for "Duquesne" and other libraries in the Find Library search box. If you are affiliated with multiple institutions, you can add them as well. 


The settings menu of Google Scholar with "Library Links" highlighted shows a search bar to enter a library name, and checked boxes next to "Duquesne University" Full Text Finder and ProQuest, and "Open WorldCat"


Searching in Google Scholar

You can perform as Basic or Advanced search to start your research.

If you want to perform a Basic search, start off with several key terms, using quotation marks to group words and phrases together, along with Boolean searching (using AND OR NOT between search terms). 

If you want to perform an Advanced search, go to the menu tab > Advanced Search.


The menu tab of Google Scholar with "Advanced Search" beneath "Metrics"


The advanced search option may not appear if you are in another window such as the Settings page. If this happens, click on the Google Scholar logo to navigate back to the homepage and then go to the menu tab > Advanced Search.

Accessing Full Text

After searching for a resource, click the Full Text Finder @ Duquesne link on the far right to access an article through Gumberg Library.


A search result in Google Scholar with a link reading "FullTextFinder@Duquesne" on the right.


If a Full Text Finder link does not appear, click a link that does appear on the far right. This will usually lead to the resource in HTML or PDF formats on the publisher website. If the resource asks for a payment, do not purchase the article or book.


A search result with a link at right that reads "[PDF]"


If LibKey Nomad is installed, it will search for full text and provide a button prompt for PDF download if available. Click the link to the article and then select the option to download PDF or find other access options via Gumberg Library.


A blue button with a green LibKey Nomad icon appears in the bottom left corner with a prompt to Download PDF through Gumberg Library.


If you cannot find electronic full text through Google Scholar, another option is searching DUQSearch with the citation information. If you still cannot find full text, enter an ILL request or contact a librarian for further assistance.