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Embase Basics

Embase's Quick Search feature is straightforward, allowing searching with keywords and phrases.

Embase remembers your recent search queries within a search session so you can easily refer back to them.

You can also combine two or more of your past queries by selecting them and clicking "combine."

When entering a search term, Embase will suggest appropriate Emtree terms to utilize. 

  • When entering pacemaker, the drop-down menu recommends the Emtree term cardiac rhythm management device.

Numerous filters on the left side of the results page allow you to easily narrow your results.

  • Try narrowing by study type, drug, publication year, etc.

You can also limit your results with options located directly below the search bar:

quick search limits

To enhance the relevance of your search, consider using Boolean and other operators:

" " or ' '

"ischemic stroke" or 'ischemic stroke' → results containing the exact phrase ischemic stroke

[ischemic stroke → results containing ischemic and stroke, but not necessarily next to each other]

AND 'heart attack' AND stroke → results containing both heart attack and stroke
OR 'heart attack' OR stroke → results containing heart attack, stroke, or both
NOT 'heart attack' NOT stroke → results containing heart attack, but not stroke
NEAR/n ischemic NEAR/6 stroke → "ischemic stroke", "a stroke can be either hemorrhagic or ischemic"
NEXT/n stroke NEXT/5 ischemic → "a stroke can be either ischemic or hemorrhagic"
* chlori*e → chlorine, chloride, chlorinate
* → child, children, childhood
? chlori?e → chlorine, chloride

'carcinoma'/de → results about carcinomas as a general category

("de" = descriptor)


'carcinoma'/exp → results about carcinomas as a general category, plus related terms like basal cell carcinoma, adenosarcoma, etc.

("exp" = explode)

/syn 'carcinoma'/syn → results from 'carcinoma'/exp, plus results about synonymous terms (e.g. malignant epithelial tumor)
A full list of Embase field codes is available here.