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Embase Basics


Medline (Ovid or EBSCO)



Access Available by subscription

Freely available anywhere

Available by subscription

1966 - present (+ selected older)

Medical & biomedical sciences

26 million+ records

1966 - present (+ selected older)

Medline plus articles not yet added to Medline and additional life sciences content

29 million+ records

1947 - present (+ selected older)

PubMed plus additional international coverage and drug & pharmacy journals

32 million+ records

Includes grey literature (e.g. conference abstracts)

Other Features

'Find similar' and 'find citing articles' (Ovid); 'find similar results' (EBSCO)

'Similar articles' 

Link from a result to systematic reviews that reference it

'Find similar' and 'find citing articles'

Device-specific and pharmacovigilance search options


Guided MeSH subject searching

Automatic mapping to MeSH terms

Recent publications

Clinical queries & genetics topics

Free & available anywhere

Guided Emtree subject searching

Recent publications & conference papers

Drug & pharmacy topics