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Exporting from ProQuest

Complete your desired seach in ProQuest. On the results page, scroll to the bottom to see an option to choose the number of items displayed per page.

Increase the number of items you choose per page to the maximum amount.


At the top left of the page, click Select 1-100. Continue to select references to your desired amount. In order to avoid any loss of references, try to limit the export amount to 500. Then at the top right of the page, click the icon with three dots to Save and select RIS format.


A pop-up box will open to confirm the number of items selected and the output format. Select RIS format. When you click Continue the file will automatically download. When it has completed, Save your file.

  • Your browser might be set to automatically open this file in EndNote. If that's the case, you'll need to locate where the file downloaded on your computer in order to import it into Covidence.