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How to Import the File Back Into Covidence

Select the list of references you found the full text articles for. Click File and then click Export.


Save your file type as XML and for output style, select Show All Fields as the output style. The box at the top of the photo below indicates where the file will be saved. Remember where you save your file, as you will need to remember to follow the steps below to import the file back into Covidence.


Navigate back to the review homepage, on the full text screening stage, click Continue. At the top of the page, click the Bulk Upload PDFs button.



Click Select File. Search for the XML file you just exported from EndNote.

When the XML file is finished uploading, click Select Files and upload the PDF files you previously saved into a single folder.


After you have completed your bulk upload, browse your references to ensure that the full text for each article was uploaded. If there are any missing, you can easily do a single article upload, by clicking add full text below the reference.

  • In some cases, references will have the DOI link below the title, which can sometimes link directly to the full text of a reference. 

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