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Special Education

A guide outlining library resources and tools for students, staff, and faculty interested in special education.

Image Source: Katerina Holmes via Pexels

Online Resources

There's a wealth of information available for many different fields within Special Education. Check out this variety of resources below!

General Special Education Resources

See below for several resources that are helpful in classroom planning, information for parents and educators, and other helpful items.

Evaluation and Assessment

According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), before a student is eligible for special education services, they must be evaluated for disability eligibility. See the resources below to learn more about this process.

Individual Education Programs (IEP)

The following resources offer help for educators and parents relating to obtaining and preparing for an IEP.

Transition Planning

While a large focus of special education is on ensuring students are able to continue and excel in their program, there also need to be proper measures to transitioning those students out of education and into adulthood. See the resources below for relevant information on transition planning.

U.S. Government Entities

The two offices listed below offer resources relating to special education and oversee the provision of special education supports.

Laws and Current Legislation

See below for information relating to the major laws encompassing Special Education.