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Scientific Writing

A guide to resources for writing and citing in the sciences.

Welcome to Scientific Writing!

This guide was made to help students in Scientific Writing (ENGL302W) instructed by Dr. Kristin Klucevsek.


Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Search strategically and effectively for primary literature as an iterative process
  • Participate in scholarship as a conversation through writing a literature review
  • Paraphrase scientific research
  • Use resources ethically with proper citations and format according to University standards and scientific conventions
  • Peer review and collaborate to evaluate scientific sources
  • Demonstrate the ability to consult and learn from writing resources and to revise their own work according to scientific conventions
  • Distinguish and write with characteristics of scientific writing genres
  • Communicate concisely and clearly to a scientific audience through writing that demonstrates critical reading of primary research at an advanced undergraduate level
  • Communicate research to a public audience in a way that is accurate, ethical, and engaging

Science Magazine

Need ideas or inspiration? Check out the latest research published in Science Magazine.


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