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Health Disparities

The purpose of this guide is to assist students and faculty in conducting research on the topic of health disparities and health equity issues.

Additional Resources to Consider


Online sources of data and information on Health Disparities

Healthy People 2020 ► Provides a lot of information on health disparities, indicators of health, and has several helpful widgets for looking through data on specific topic areas.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ► FastStats help illustrate the impact of several health concerns. There are data outlined for specific conditions as well as for specific populations/demographics.

World Health Organization ► The Health Equity Monitor is a database that provides several criteria for outlining disparity in health outcomes relating to reproductive health, maternal health, and several other areas. There is also a function for observing health equity by country.

United Nations ► This links to the UN's plan on addressing several Millennium Development Goals relating to public health. Information includes background on health disparities, evidence and examples of current health disparities observed, and the UN's proposed solutions.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) ► The AHRQ has completed annual reports on health disparities in the United States, the most recent report being from 2019. These reports include data on disparities between populations on the basis of race.

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) ► This department of the National Institute of Health is specifically geared towards minorities and the health disparities that marginalized groups face. Their website offers a wealth of information including news releases relating to minority health and health disparities as well as a list of publications.

MedlinePlus ► MedlinePlus provides as a hub for several different data relating to health disparities research. Some of these include rural health disparities, neglected diseases, and statistics on specific population groups or diseases.

Diversity Data Kids ► A wealth of data categorizing populations observed by socioeconomic factors. This database offers very specific categories, allowing for precision in searching.

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