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Find Databases by Subject: Home


Gumberg Library offers access to over 300 different databases. How can you find which of those are useful for a particular subject area?

1. First, go to "All Databases A-Z"

2. Then go to the "All Subjects" menu in the upper left of the screen.



3. Click on the menu to open it and see the various subjects into which our databases have been subdivided.



4. Click on the subject you are interested in to see all databases supporting your subject. The number in parentheses after a subject tells you how many databases we access supporting that subject.

5. Pay particular attention to the "Best Bets" box at the top of a database subject list. These are the databases generally found to be most useful when doing research in a subject area.



If you need further assistance in finding the right database, click 'Ask Gumberg" for help, or consult this research guide: "Journal Databases: Which One to Use?"