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Day of the Dead Celebration: 2015 Day of the Dead Celebration

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Duquesne's 2015 Day of the Dead Altar commemorates these individuals chosen by students:

Alan Kurdi, Syrian Refugee

Alan Kurdi was a three-year-old Syrian boy of Kurdish ethnic background who drowned on September 2, 2015 in the Mediterranean Sea, as part of the Syrian refugee crisis.

43 Missing Students of Ayotzinapa

On September 26, 2014, 43 male students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers' College went missing in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico.

Sister Roberta Grzelak

Sister Roberta was a teacher in Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Puerto Rico. From 2009 till her death in September 2014, she served as Parish Social Minister at St. Regis Parish in Oakland.

Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos 2015

Gathering the artifacts

Preparing the altar

Arranging the artifacts on the altar

Adding photos of the honored dead

The completed altar

Students discussing Day of the Dead traditions

Day of the Dead/ Día de los Muertos at Duquesne