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Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Citizen science (or crowd-sourced science) is a term for people who volunteer their time to help professional scientists conduct research. Citizen scientists help with projects in all disciplines, including environmental science, history, biology, and literature.

Some citizen scientists work out in the field, while others make discoveries using their computers. You can use this guide to find a project or do research on the impact citizen science is making.


citizen science lab Citizen Science is happening at Duquesne! The Citizen Science Lab is a partnership between Duquesne and Urban Innovation21. It is the only community life sciences lab in Pittsburgh. It offers a variety of events and programs, including summer camps, workshops, internships, and lab access to members.



Pennsylvania iMapInvasivesCitizen Science in PA: Pennsylvania iMapInvasives is a program that tracks invasive species throughout the state. You can help by adding data on invasive species that you see (click the logo to the left to get more info). Interested in more citizen science projects? Click this link.


screen shot of Smell PGH app



Citizen Science in Pittsburgh: If you are concerned about the air we breathe in Pittsburgh, consider downloading the Smell PGH app from CMU's CREATE lab. Whenever you smell noxious fumes you can alert the Allegheny County Health Department through the app. Download it here!  

This guide was originally created by Rebekah Miller and has since been updated by several Gumberg Library staff members.