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Curriculum Center Ellison Machine: Puppet Dies

Child - XL

Puppet Holes - L - Place this die OVER any shape and cut to create an instant finger puppet!

Paper Bag Puppet - Panda Bear - XL

Face - XL

Community Helper Figure - Male - XL

Paper Bag Puppet - Pig - XL

Paper Bag Puppet - Duck - XL

Paper Bag Puppet - Elephant - XL

Community Helper - Soldier - XL

Paper Bag Puppet - Dog - XL

Paper Bag Puppet - Rabbit - XL

Paper Bag Puppet - Tiger - XL

Hand Puppet - XL

Community Helper - Police Officer - XL

Puppet, Finger - Boy, Frog, Girl, Teddy Bear - L

Paper Bag Puppet - Lion - XL

Community Friends - Super Hero - XL

Community Helper Figure - Female - XL