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Curriculum Center Ellison Machine: Ellison Home

We are always adding new dies to the collection. Check out our bulletin boards and follow us on Pinterest to see when new dies are added!

The Curriculum Center has four Prestige Ellison Machines available for use. These versatile machines can cut a wide range of materials into a great variety of shapes using our extensive collection of dies. New dies are demonstrated on bulletin boards above the dies and machines in the Curriculum Center. There are also great project ideas online and in displays around the room. Check out our Project Ideas and Resources for even more great ideas!

If you have never used Ellison's Prestige Machine before, get started with this guide for those who are new to die-cutting, provided by Ellison Education

For video demonstrations of the Ellison machines, see embedded video below or visit Ellison Videos and click on the "How-Tos" tab.

Types of Dies

Die Sizes

Mini (1"), S (3"), L (5"), XL (10"), LC (Long Cut 10"), XLC (Extra Long Cut 12")

Project Ideas and Resources


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Ellison Education Homepage

Ellison Blog

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Ellison Tips and Techniques

Tips and techniques from Ellison Education.