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School Psychology

Finding Full-Text: Look for a pdf full text or html full text button

After you do your search, you might find an article that looks relevant for your paper (the title or abstract would help you to determine this).  For many articles, there will be a link to the full-text either in pdf format or html format. 

The following record has a link to both html full text and pdf full text: 

Click Findit! for articles without pdf or html full-text

The following article does not have a link to html full text or pdf full text.  Gumberg Library might provide full-text of this article in a different database.  Click Full Text Finder to see if the Gumberg has full-text through a different database.  

For articles with no full-text, Place a request through ILLiad

ILLiad is the system through which you can place a request for an article.  The first time you use this system you will click the "new user" button under the logon area in order to create an account.  Link to ILLiad