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American Community Survey: Citing the ACS

APA Citation

APA 6th: 

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th Edition includes guidance for citing datasets (p. 210-211). 

Also, the APA blog includes guidance about citing data sets in your reference list and in-text.  

The following database, APA Style CENTRAL, has examples of how to cite datasets.  Click the learn tab and search for data.  

APA Data Citation: General Rules

General Rules: 

Italicize the title of the data set. 

After the title of the data set identify the type of source ex: [Data file and code book].  

If the data set has a doi then list the doi, but if it doesn't then list the url where you retrieved the data.  

ACS Example Citation

U.S. Census Bureau. (2012). 2009-2011 American Community Survey 3-year Public Use Microdata Samples [SAS Data file].  Retrieved from