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American Community Survey: Research Examples

Examples: ACS Helps Companies and Government Agencies

Examples: ACS in Academic Journals

The following article uses the ACS PUMS 2005-2007 (3-year estimate) to determine an estimate of the pediatric population in a given area. 

Amin, R., Bohnert, A., Holmes, L., Rajasekaran, A., & Assanasen, C. (2010). Epidemiologic mapping of Florida childhood cancer clustersPediatric Blood & Cancer54(4), 511-518.

The following article uses the ACS ​PUMS 2007-2011 (5-year estimate) to determine levels of active commuting and environmental correlates of active commuting.  

Fan, J. X., Wen, M., & Kowaleski-Jones, L. (2014). An ecological analysis of environmental correlates of active commuting in urban US. Health & Place, 30, 242-250.

The following article uses the ACS IPUMS 2007 (1-year estimate) to write a footnote about total fertility rates and how they differ between two different ethnic groups.  

Johnson, K. M., & Lichter, D. T. (2010). Growing diversity among America's children and youth: Spatial and temporal dimensionsPopulation and Development Review36(1), 151-176.

The following article uses the ACS IPUMS 2007 (1-year estimate) to examine predictors of female labor force participation of different Asian ethnic subgroups.  

Lee, S., Zhou, H., & Kim, Y. (2014). Labor force participation among Asian immigrant women: Findings from the 2007 American Community SurveyInternational Journal of Social Welfare23(3), 296-308.