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Ancient Greek & Roman Theater: Home

Image: Theater at Epidauros, Greece. Composite photo by Morn for the English Wikipedia Project. source: Wikimedia Commons

On this page we have brought together print and electronic resources of many types, dealing with the general topic of Greek and Roman theater, both comedy and tragedy. It will also link the user to critical materials on major classical playwrights and their plays. Use the tabs running across the top of the page to access the various types of information available.

Comedy Mask. Scala Theatre Museum. Photo by ChristianChirita. Used under a Creatice Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Source: Wikimedia Commons

E-Reference Works

These books may be accessed off-campus, but when you click on a title, you will need to enter you Multipass information to do so.

E-Reference Databases

Gumberg Library subscribes to a number of databases of electronic reference works. These cover all subject areas, and in some cases, contain hundreds of specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries and other sorts of reference works.

Print Reference Works