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Resources for African Spiritans: E-Reference


E-Reference Works

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Collections of E-Reference Works

E-Reference Databases

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Gale Virtual Reference Library

Oxford Digital Reference shelf

Sage eReference

Theology E-Reference Books


Blackwell Companion to Contemporary Islamic Thought

Blackwell Companion to Hinduism

Blackwell Companion to Judaism

Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology

Blackwell Companion to Nineteenth Century Theology

Blackwell Companion to Political Theology

Blackwell Companion to Postmodern Theology

Blackwell Companion to Protestantism

Blackwell Companion to the Bible in English Literature

Blackwell Companion to the Quran

Blackwell Companion to Religion in America

Blackwell Companion to the Bible and Culture

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Modern Christian Thought

Blackwell Guide to Theology and Popular Culture

Collected Works of St. Thomas Aquinas

Dictionary of Gnosis & Western Esotericism

Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations

EBR: Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

Encyclopedia of African Religion

Encyclopedia of American Religions

Encyclopedia of Religion

Encyclopedia of Science and Religion

Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Encyclopedia of Time: Science, Philosophy, Theology, & Culture

Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America

New Catholic Encyclopedia

New Catholic Encyclopedia: Jubilee Volume, The Wojtyla Years

New Catholic Encyclopedia, Supplement 2009

New Catholic Encyclopedia, Supplement 2010

Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation

Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies

Oxford Handbook of Church and State in the United States

Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Studies

Oxford Handbook of English Literature and Theology

Oxford Handbook of Eschatology

Oxford Handbook of Evangelical Theology

Oxford Handbook of Global Religions

Oxford Handbook of Holocaust Studies

Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies

Oxford Handbook of Methodist Studies

Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements

Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Theology

Oxford Handbook of Religion and American Politics

Oxford Handbook of Religion and Ecology

Oxford Handbook of Religion and Emotion

Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science

Oxford Handbook of Religious Diversity

Oxford Handbook of Systematic Theology

Oxford Handbook of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Religion

Oxford Handbook of Theological Ethics

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices