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Ancient History

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Rome Reborn: A Digital Model of Ancient Rome

Virtual World Project



Corpus Thomisticum

Thomas Aquinas in English


Catholic Sites

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catholic Press Association

Catholic Research Resources Alliance

Catholic Web Resources

Catholic World News

Center of Concern

Conciliar and Papal Documents

Franciscan Archive

The Holy See

New Advent

Papal Encyclicals Online

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


Christian/Jewish Mysticism

Corpus Hermeticum

Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism

Theophaneia School

Trends in Ancient Christian & Jewish Mysticism


Early Church Sites

Early Church Fathers

Early Church Fathers - Additional Texts

Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins


Eastern Christian Sites

Myriobiblos Library

St. Pachomius Library


General Sites

Association of Religion Data Archives

ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources

Complete Guide to Historical Religion in America

Fides Quaerens Internetum

Internet Guide to Religion (The Wabash Center)

Internet Resources (Dr. April D. DeConick)

Internet Theology Resources

Intute Humanities: Religion & Theology

Lectionary Central

New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia

N.T. Wright Page (Unofficial)

Philippi Collection of Religious Headgear

Resources for the Study of Judaism & Christianity

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies

2010 US Religion Census

Virtual Religion Index

Walter Bruggeman Page (Unofficial)

Language Tutorials

Language Tutorials



Biblical Greek

Biblical Hebrew

Ancient Latin

Medieval Latin

Learning Biblical Languages

Mango Languages (Multipass log-in required). Through Mango you can learn Ancient Greek, Koine Greek, Latin, and Biblical Hebrew)

in our time religion

In Out Time Religion radio show logo

Click the logo above to listen to episodes of the long-running program from BBC Radio Four

Relax a Little

Relax a Little

 Picture of Pittsburgh DadDo you know Pittsburgh Dad?

Pittsburgh Dad is an affectionate spoof of, well...Pittsburgh dads. Always great for a chuckle, and sometimes a belly laugh.


Pittsburgh Dad Going to Church

At Church

Teaching Sunday School

Going to Confession

At the Church Fish Fry

At the Church Bazaar

Hiding from Jehovah's Witnesses

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