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Celebrating 50 Years of Publishing By a Great American Author

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Background image above is a detail from the photo "Abandoned Houses in Homewood" by Eric Miller, 2011. CC-ASA-3.0-U. Wikimedia Commons


One of the great, award-winning writers of the last century and this, John Edgar Wideman grew up in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh and set a number of his early novels and stories there. According to the Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature: 'His works mix the disparate forces of his life into an artistic form that is both intellectually challenging and experimental in the best sense of the word. A prolific novelist and essayist, Wideman's texts consistently blend voices and genres and challenge the reader. Responding self-consciously to contemporary jazz forms, his later work is filled with free-form ad-libbing, discontinuity, and always a rich integration of voices." This guide will link the researcher to many different kinds of information sources on this important author.

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