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August Wilson: Home

A Gumberg Library research guide

Literary and theatrical figure August Wilson is best known for his cycle of ten plays known by some as the Century Cycle and by others as the Pittsburgh Cycle, taking the viewer and reader through an extended meditation on the history of African-Americans in the 20th century, with each play giving us insight into the black experience in a specific decade. This research guide will connect the user to many different sorts of resources available through Gumberg Library on August Wilson.

–––– Pittsburgh Cycle ––––

Click a book title to see if it is available to be borrowed. All these title can be borrowed with your Duquesne ID.

–––– Pittsburgh Cycle ––––


–– Also by August Wilson ––

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This research guide was redesigned by Hannah Goss, English Department Intern, and Ted Bergfelt, Humanities LIbrarian, in October 2022.