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Making Humanities Conference Posters: Construction Tips


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Use PowerPoint 2013

1. Work in PowerPoint 2013--It is the easiest way to go for beginners, and this is the version that is supported by Duquesne University. (You can access it in all the campus computer labs.)

2. First decide how big you want it. Usual size is 36”x48”.


Sizing you PowerPoint Slide for a Poster

1. Now go into PowerPoint and start a new document.

2. Now click on "Design" at the top of the screen to see the Design tab.

3. At the end of the ribbon, click on "Slide Size."

4. Then click on "Custom Slide Size."

5. From the "Slides sized for" menu, choose "Custom, and set width to 48 and Height to 36, then click "OK."

6. You now have a large-format slide that you can work with.