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Resources for Veterans

Scrabble Research

Doing Research

When doing research on veterans, you can     
search for the many articles, books, and videos
that Gumberg gives you access to. On this     
page you'll find search tips as well as suggestions
on where to look for information. Don't forget 
you can always ask a librarian if you get stuck!




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Articles and more

There is no single database to use when searching for topics related to veterans. Choose the databases that suit the topic you are researching. For example, if you are interested in veterans and education, you may want to begin with ERIC. If you are looking for information on health related issues, you might want to try CINAHL, PILOTS, or PubMed. Prefer books and videos? This page will give you some tips and references.


Here is a list of databases you may want to start with:

more library guides

You can find many more resources at Gumberg. Below are some quick links.

Search tips

It can be tough to find resources at times, whether or not you have a topic in mind.

You can use Boolean searching (AND/OR) to find results both in the Gumberg Library catalog and in the databases the library subscribes to. Think about the different ways veterans can be described, and use those to help you (for example: retired military personnel). Here's an example from the Advanced Search box of the Gumberg catalog:

Advanced search

Here are two examples from Academic Search Elite and PsycINFO:

academic search elite search

PsycINFO search

Here are some search ideas to get you started:

  • veterans AND transition AND civilian life
  • military experience AND (careers OR job searching)
  • veterans AND (health care OR medical care)

If you find a book in the catalog that you think will work for your research, you can click on the subject headings below to find similar books. For example, if you click on the book Warrior's Return, you can scroll down and see links:

subject headings

Clicking on the links will bring up more books on your topic.