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Science Writing: Citation & EndNote

A guide to resources for writing and citing in the sciences.


See Gumberg Library's guide to using EndNote to manage your citations with your Mac or PC.

Help sessions are offered throughout the year in the library. Bring your laptop for hands-on practice!

Customize ACS style in EndNote

Add ACS Applied Material Interfaces style:
(These instructions are intended for a PC. The selections may be different for a Mac.)

  1. Go to:
  1. Search for "ACS" under Style or Journal name. Several journals will appear. Choose "ACS Applied Material Interfaces". Download this citation format. 
  1. Open this citation format once it has finished downloaded. It should open automatically in EndNote. Choose "Save as" and name this file ACS Applied Material Interfaces. You can click out of this window after this point. 
  1. In Word, while you are writing, click the EndNote tab. Under the pull-down Style menu, "Select Another Style". You will be able to browse through multiple journals. The style you saved should be in this list. Choose ACS Applied Material Interfaces. Your document will now use EndNote with this style!

Other Citation Tools

citation management software

Citation Mangement -These tools help you organize references and create bibliographies.

Style Manuals

There are a number of publication styles used by the scientific disciplines or professions. In many cases the journal in which you are publishing determines the style of citation and author guidelines are often available on the journal's website.

These are a few of the more commonly used citations styles:

Citing Sources

In addition to the style manuals, these are some online guides: