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American Civil War Cultures: A Research Guide: Home


The above image is a detail from the painting "Grant and His Generals" painted in 1865 by Ole Peter Hansen Balling. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons


Welcome to this Gumberg Library research guide designed specifically to link users to the many resources the Gumberg Library offers on the literature, art, music, and other cultural productions created during the American Civil War, as well as later works that deal with that formative period. This guide will connect the user to:

  • Reference works, such as encyclopedias and companions (in print and electronic formats), great for quickly getting to basic information on a topic
  • Links that search the QuickSearch online catalog for books, both print and electronic
  • Journal databases for journal articles
  • Selected high-quality materials from the Internet, many providing digital access to primary sources
  • Information on citation
  • Information on how to get materials not available through the Gumberg Library

Use the tabs at the top of the screen to move to the different types of information sources.

Help is Available!

If at any time in your research you need help, click "Ask Gumberg.". Or you can contact me, Ted Bergfelt, creator of this page. Click to send an email, or you can call me at 412.396.5351.

Trooper Meditating Beside a Grave

Soldier meditating beside a grave.

Trooper Meditating Beside a Grace

Painting by Winslow Homer, 1865? Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hear Civil War Music

Naxos Music Library logoStreaming audio for 75,000+ tracks of classical, jazz, and world music, Naxos also includes opera summaries, librettos, and other text resources related to the study of music. (note: 10 users may access Naxos simultaneously).
This resource can be accessed from off-campus, but you will need to enter your Multipass username and password in order to use it.


Print Reference Works

Click on a book title to see if it is available for use, or has been checked out of the library.

E-Reference Works

Click on the title of a work below to use it.

To use any of these electronic reference books off-campus, you will need to enter your Multipass username and password when you click on a title link.

Online Reference Collections in Literature

The Gumberg Library provides access to two suites of electronic reference works geared to literature, including mystery and detective fiction. Using both will provide your with a great amount of introductory information on your chosen literary topic.

Both of these collections of resources can be accessed off-campus, but you will have to enter your Multipass username and password word in order to use them.

Gale Literature Resource Center

This database provides information on thousands of authors and literary works. It includes biographies, reviews and news, literary criticism, and topic and work overviews.

Literature Online (LION)

Along with the full text of of 350,000 English and American works of literature, this database provides articles from 200 full-text literary journals and other key critical and reference resources.

E-Reference Collections

Gumberg Library subscribes to a number of databases of electronic reference works. These cover all subject areas.

To use any of these electronic reference collections off-campus, you will need to enter your Multipass username and password when you click on a link below.


Detail from the lithograph "The Battle of Chattanooga," by Kurz & Allison, 1888. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons