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Gumberg Library Services for Alumni

Finding a Library

After you graduate, other libraries might be able to help you get access to information resources you need:

Check with Your Employer

If your employer has a library, it should be your first stop when looking for information resources. See the tips below based on where you work:

  • College or University
    • Check your organization's website
  • Government Agency
    • Check your agency's website or inquire about available services with the local administrator
  • School District
    • Check with your school librarian to see if they provide access to information resources beyond those provided for students 
  • Corporation/Company
    • A relatively small number of companies have libraries, and access is sometimes restricted to specific employees
If your employer can't help:
  • Look for public libraries near you using WorldCat 
  • Try the resources on this site
  • Contact Ask Gumberg for additional suggestions.
If you are a retired Duquesne faculty member: