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Request a Ballot by State

Request a Ballot - Kentucky

As of August 27, 2020

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·    Verify your Registration:

·    Register to Vote:

·    Formerly incarcerated people are not eligible unless their rights have been restored        

Requesting a Ballot

·    Anyone may request an Absentee Ballot if they are concerned about COVID.  Students living away from their permanent address may also request an absentee ballot.  

·    You must include a copy of your photo ID with your application

·    Forms: 

·    Application due date is 10/9/2020

·    Note, if you are local, you can make an appointment to vote early at your local county clerk:


·    If you requested an absentee ballot you must vote absentee unless you have not received your ballot by 10/28/2020, at which point you may vote at the polls.

·    Ballots must be RECEIVED by the election

·    To find out about hand-delivery options, contact your county clerk: