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Political Science Research Guide

BA in Political Science

Students in the Political Science Department at Duquesne University examine the relationships among individuals, groups, institutions, and governments.

Political science majors can choose from four concentrations: 

  • Law & Politics 

  • American Politics & Policy 

  • International Politics 

  • National Security & Civil Liberty 

These four concentrations are also available as a minor for non-political science majors, plus the general Political Science minor.  

Double Majors 

Political Science (POSC)  and International Relations (IR) double majors

Political Science (POSC) and International Security Studies (ISS) double majors 

Political Science (POSC) and any other major 

Requirements and list of approved concentration courses.

This department and the Center for International Relations are both in the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts.

Contact Information:

Department of Political Science

503 College Hall 
Pittsburgh, PA 15282 

Phone: 412-396-6485 

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Policial Science



Books by Duquesne Faculty

Faculty Research

Political Science students can assist world-renown scholars in their research. 

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