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BRDG Classes Library Guide

A Gumberg Library research guide


This Gumberg Library research guide will help you to find basic library resources for papers, presentations, and other types of assignments. The first section will link you to databases that cover all subjects, in which you can find articles from magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals.

In the next section you will be linked to resources that will help you to find print and ebooks on all subjects, available at Gumberg Library or through its website.

In the box on the left are links to important resources all library users should know about,

If you every have questions about how to use the library and any of its resources, Ask Gumberg

Important Databases

The databases below are multidisciplinary, meaning they cover all topics. You can use them to find articles from magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals on just about anything.

These databases will provide the full text of many articles. To learn more about finding full text, click on the link below.

Finding Full Text of Articles

Finding Books

Books are great ways to quickly get at lots or information about a particular topic. To find what books, both print and electronic are owned by Gumberg Library you would search the DUQSearch online catalog. (FYI, an "online catalog" is a database that tells you all the items that are owned by or accessible through a particular library.)  The DUQSearch search box is available on the Gumberg Library homepage.

To find a print book on the library shelves, you need the book's unique call number, which you will find on the book's DUQSearch catalog record. If you are not sure how to locate a book with a particular call number in the library book collection, you can stop at the front desk and ask for assistance.

The links below will take you to webpages that describe how to use DUQSearch to find books and give examples of types of searches you might do.

How to search DUQSearch

Find Books in Any Discipline

While the Gumberg Library still buys traditional printed books, the majority of books Gumberg Library now purchases are eBooks. eBooks have two great advantages over printed books. You can access eBooks through the Internet by entering your  Multipass username and password, and most eBooks can be used by more than one person at a time,

You can find eBooks in the DUQSearch online catalog using the same search techniques you use for finding printed books.

For more information on finding ebooks, visit the links below:

eBooks: How to Find Them

Find Books in Any Discipline