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This guide will give you some resources for understanding and conducting statistical analyses.

Which Statistical Test Should You Use for Parametric Data? 

This table will help you understand which test you should use for your analysis using parametric data. Note that this is not a comprehensive list. Please see the glossary if you want to know the definition of a term. 

Test Description Variables
Single-sample t test 

Compare the mean of your sample to a known mean

Ex: How does your community's health index compare to the national average? 

Dependent variable (the variable you are testing): ratio or interval
Independent-samples t test

Compares the means of two groups for a single dependent variable 

Ex: Do people who drink milk weigh less than people who don't? 

Independent variable (the groups): two levels 

Dependent variable (the variable you are testing): ratio or interval

Paired-samples t test

Compares means of two scores from related samples 

Ex: Student scores on a pre-test and a post-test

Independent variable: one group 

Dependent variable: the same scale for both times measured, interval or ratio 

One-way ANOVA

Compares the means of groups that vary for a single independent variable

Ex: How does the weight of those who drink no milk, those who drink 2%, and those who drink skim milk compare?

Independent variable: can have many groups; must be independent

Dependent variable:  interval or ratio

Factorial ANOVA

Compares the means for multiple independent variables with multiple levels 

Ex: How does course format (online or face-to-face) and instructor experience (novice or experienced) impact student grades? (This is a 2 x 2 ANOVA, there are two independent variables with two levels)

Independent variable: can have many groups with different levels, should be independent 

Dependent variable: interval or ratio 

Repeated-Measures ANOVA

Compares means for related groups for more than one level of an independent variable 

Ex: How do the exam scores of students compare at the beginning of the course, on the midterm, and with the final exam? 

Dependent variable: measures should be from same or similar group, interval or ratio


Compare the means for multiple dependent variables at once 

Ex: How do students who live on or off campus compare for GPA and satisfaction scores?  

Dependent variables: should be related to each other, interval or ratio 


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