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Spring 2018 Ritual Art Today Exhibit Submission: Gumberg Library

A page for artist submission information about the upcoming Spring 2018 Exhibit "Ritual Art Today: Contemporary and Non-Traditional Religious Objects".

General Information

"Nine Nights of Chanukkah, Menorah for Shammai and Hillel" 2015. Ben Schachter

Artist Submission for

Ritual Art Today: Contemporary and Non-Traditional Religious Objects

Curator: Ben Schachter

Exhibition Dates: April 3 to April 20, 2018

Duquesne University, Gumberg Library

600 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15282

Ritual is important to religious practice through beauty, personal connection, and the senses. Today artisans, craftspeople and artists want to add to that experience. They use non-traditional materials, explore new shapes, create contraptions, and look to avant-garde art. These artists enrich, explore and interpret religious practice through material choices and artistic techniques. Ritual Art Today brings together these artists and showcases how art and ritual come together.



In celebration of curator Ben Schachter’s new book, all complete entries will receive a copy of Image, Action, and Idea in Contemporary Jewish Art. In it, Schachter explores a range of contemporary practices growing out of contemporary art, design, and craft.

Artist Submission Information

DEADLINE: February 1, 2018

FEE: $40 – covers cost of publicity and price of book with delivery




  • This exhibition only accepts photographs of contemporary and non-traditional ritual objects and performance.
  • Applicants may send up to 3 hi-res digital files of their work. Images must be 300 DPI or greater.
  • Images files must be labeled with artist’s name and title of work.
  • Include an image list with:

1. Dimensions of the photograph or print to be exhibited

2. Material of the photograph or print to be exhibited

3. Dimensions and materials of the actual ritual object shown in the image

4. Short description of the specific ritual to which the object relates


  • Artists must include a short (300 word) artist bio.


  • In addition to a complete application, artists must include the address to which the book, “Image, Action, and Idea in Contemporary Jewish Art” will be sent.
  • Books will not be sent to applicants with incomplete submissions.
  • If an entrant does not want to receive the book, they can decline or not include a shipping address.


  • All work must be ready for installation, framed, wired, or otherwise prepared. NO GLASS.
  • Gallery reserves the right not to exhibit artworks that are not properly prepared for installation or differ from the images included in the application in quality or size.


  • Gumberg Library, ATTN Margaret Cowburn, 600 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15282


  • Accepted Entrants are responsible for shipping artworks to and from Duquesne University.
  • All shipments must be sent in reusable packaging and include a pre-paid return package slip.
  • Artworks without pre-paid return slips will not be returned and will become the property of Duquesne University and may be destroyed.


  • A small piece of Tattle-Tape (3 inches x 2 mm) will be affixed to the back or underside frame of entries.
  • This will sound an alarm in the event someone tries to remove anything from the exhibit.


  • In your submission, we ask that you sign and scan the document verifying the permissions for use of your art.
  • By signing this entry form, you are agreeing that you are the copyright holder of the artwork and that images of the submission may photographed, telecast, shared on social media or reproduced for publicity, publication, and educational purposes during the exhibition and thereafter.


February 1, 2018: Deadline to receive Applications

February 15, 2018: Notification to Artists of acceptance or non-acceptance

March 23, 2018: Work arrives by this date

April 2, 2018: Exhibition is installed 

April 3 – 19: April Exhibition open to public

April 20: Exhibition dismantled

April 23: Work shipped back to artists

Exhibit Questions

This exhibition asks:

  • How does the artist add layers of meaning to tradition?
  • What new insights emerge when the craftsperson uses non-traditional materials?
  • When does Avant-guard collage and juxtaposition enrich ritual practice?
  • Can ritual be invented successfully? And if so, how are objects used?‚Äč

This exhibition is open to artists, craftspeople, and artisans of all faiths. Submissions must relate to the theme of contemporary and non-traditional ritual objects in clear ways. While this exhibition explores real objects, only photographs and 2D prints of these objects will be shown. In other words the successful applicant will send hi-res clean studio quality printed photographs of their work, framed and ready to be hung.