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QuickSearch: Using QuickSearch

This guide discusses Gumberg's discovery tool that will help you find the resources offered through the library.

What Can I Find Through QuickSearch?

What Can You Find Through DUQSearch?

DUQSearch allows users to search through a mix of holdings from the Gumberg Library and its collections, along with the Duquesne Center for Legal Information, and the Allegheny County Law Library. DUQSearch includes records from millions of publications, popular journals, and other materials from the library's extensive electronic resource collections.

Basic Search: Beginning Your Search

From the Gumberg Library page, type your search into the DUQSearch box (Author, Title, Subject, or Keyword): 

You can locate items directly from this search bar or conduct a more in-depth search through the Advanced Search option.

Advanced Search: Using Limiters - Adding A Row

QuickSearch allows for you to add more than one row when researching. This can be helpful if you are attempting to search within more than one collection, or if you are looking for more than one type of resource. Simply select the + to add another row.

Advanced Search: Using Limiters - Format

Searching by Format is one of the many limiter options available through the Advanced Search. Select which type of resource you are searching for such as eBooks or eJournals.

Getting Started with QuickSearch



The QuickSearch bar is available on the Gumberg home page. This search bar will automatically perform a search in CatalogPlus, which means it will find print books, electronic books, periodical articles, DVDs, CDs, and other sorts of materials. It is a good starting point for a general search, but this type of search has limitations when looking for very specific materials.


Advanced Search

The Advanced Search option has many limiters available so that you can find what you need more quickly and efficiently. Conduct a Boolean Search using a keyword, the author's name, or the name of the title.

Advanced Search: Using Limiters - Select a Collection

Searching by Collection will show specific results for instances where you know where the resource might be found. For example, if you are searching for picture books, you can limit the results to show materials found in the Gumberg Curriculum Center, the library's collection of Pre-K-12 educational resources.