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History of Popular Culture: History and Film (HIST124-56, Dr. Hudson-Richards)

A Gumberg Library Course Guide

Introduction to this Guide

Popular culture encompasses so many of our collective experiences, and is an excellent lens through which we can evaluate how a society interacts with its history. In this course, you will be focusing on the role that film plays in helping us both construct and challenge historical narratives. This guide was created to assist the student with any required research for this course.

This guide will connect the student to:

  • Reference works for basic information on any topic, in history and otherwise
  • Links to research guides on historical topics
  • Resources for finding primary sources 
  • Links that will search for print books and ebooks in the DUQSearch online catalog
  • Resources for finding dissertations
  • Databases for finding articles about History and Film and the intersection of the two subjects
  • Websites approved of by your teacher and the Humanities Librarian at Gumberg Library
  • Resources for finding videos and DVDs
  • How to get materials not available at Gumberg Library
  • Information on citing in Chicago Style, 17th edition (Notes and bibliography)

Topic Suggestions from Your Teacher

  • Genocide and Film (The Holocaust, but there are other genocides as well)
  • War and film (in general, or about a particular war)
  • Imperialism/Decolonization
  • Film and Scandal (For example, All the President's Men)
  • Civil Rights and film
  • Women's Rights and film
  • Gay rights and film
  • Revolutions and film
  • Because it was the 1980s--Depictions of greed, fear (specific examples Wall Street, Red Dawn)
  • The 1970s
  • Nostalgia and film
  • Cold War and film
  • Medieval  (or Ancient representations)
  • Film, History, and Comedy (Examples: Monty Python, Mel Brooks)
  • Fascism and film
  • Biography film (Biopics) 
  • American West and film
  • History and Fantasy (Representations of the past in fantasy film)
  • Chivalry isn't dead--Could be any representations, including Asian

Need Help?

Need Help?

If at any time you need help with using Gumberg Library resources, please contact Ted Bergfelt, Humanities Librarian, via email or by phone at 412-396-5351, 8:30 am-4:30 pm ET, Monday-Friday. If he is not available, Ask Gumberg