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Pittsburghese: Web Resources

Also known as Western Pennsylvania English.


The photo "Pittsburgh Panorama" by Andrew "Dobie" Koch is licensed under a CC 3.0 Attribution. It was remixed for the purpose of this guide by Kiera Mudry.

Online Resources

Barbara Johnstone, Professor of Rhetoric and Linguistics in Carnegie Mellon University's Department of English, traces the history of the Pittsburgh dialect and talks about how it is changing as people across the country are keeping it alive in this online Carnegie Mellon University lecture series (January 2008).

The Pittsburgh Speech and Society website is based on research by Barbara Johnstone and Scott F. Kiesling, two sociolinguists who have studied the speech and dialect of the Pittsburgh area. The research was funded in part by the U.S. National Science Foundation Collaborative Research Award. Interviews recorded during this project were donated to the University of Pittsburgh Archives Service Center.

Pop Culture

Pittsburgh Dad is a character created by Curt Wootton that is well-known for its portrayal of a blue collar "everyman" yinzer. The character's distinct accent and commentary on Pittsburgh-related content has garnered 30 million views across the internet since it's conception.