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Related Research Guides

These guides will connect you to, among other things, more specific electronic resources on a great variety of topics.

Page maintained by

Ted Bergfelt, MLS

Humanities Librarian

Gumberg Library

Duquesne University


Welcome students of the JPIC Program. On this page you will find Gumberg Library resources that you can access at a distance supporting your JPIC classes. As new classes are added to the JPIC course list, resources will be added to support those. Thourgh this page you will be able to access:

  • Electronic Reserves (E-reserves)
  • Electronic reference works
  • Journal article databases, many of which provide the full text of articles
  • Other databases to which the Gumberg library subscribes, providing high quality information which you cannot find in a Google search
  • Electronic books through subscription databases
  • Electronic texts available through the Internet
  • Links to high-quality webpages in the subjects covered by the courses
  • Full text of historical resources important to Spiritans

Use the tabs at the top of the page to access the various kinds of information presented. To access the subscription materials, you will need to enter your Multipass username and password.