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Affordable Housing

Explore affordable housing research in America and what's being done locally in Pittsburgh.

Housing around the globe

An affordable housing development in Canada. Source: IDuke, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.5.

Books at Gumberg

eBooks: (Note: You will have to enter your MultiPass credentials to access these off-campus.)

Finding Resources at Gumberg

Use these subjects in any of our databases or DUQSearch to find books, articles, and more! (Note: We've recommended a few databases below!)

Where it says [Location], insert the country or city you're researching, i.e., search Housing Crisis AND London. 

  • Affordable Housing OR Low-Cost Housing AND [Location]
  • Low-Income Housing AND [Location]
  • Affordable Housing AND Homelessness AND [Location]
  • Affordable Housing AND Poverty AND [Location]
  • Housing Crisis AND [Location]
  • Housing Subsidies AND [Location]
  • Housing Market AND [Location]
  • Affordable Housing AND Segregation AND [Location]
  • Affordable Housing AND Discrimination AND [Location]
  • Affordable Housing AND Natural Disasters AND [Location]
  • Affordable Housing AND Homeownership AND [Location]
  • Affordable Housing AND Policy AND [Location]