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How To Research: Video How-Tos

This page features quick and easy tutorials created by Gumberg Library librarians.



This series of videos detail the important elements that make up the CRAAP Test, as well as how to assess each concept in regards to evaluating scholarly information. In these videos, the CRAAP Test is used to evaluate information found in scholarly resources and information found through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Boolean Searching

Boolean searching uses AND, OR, and NOT to refine searches. Many databases require the use of Boolean, so understanding how Boolean works is important to academic research. 

This video series discusses the importance of a controlled vocabulary search when looking for information in the Health Sciences field. MeSH basics are covered and examples are provided when examining CINAHL subject headings. For more information on this subject, please visit our guide page:

This tutorial discusses the PICO model for research in the Health Sciences. The videos will discuss how to properly use PICO in your search, as well as create examples to follow along with when putting a PICO search together.

Viewing results

For the best viewing quality, make sure to set the settings to 720p HD.

First, find your the setting icon on the video, it looks like a small gear:

Your settings will appear as such, with 480p as the default setting:

Set the quality to 720p HD for the best viewing of this material!

Some videos may have the option to select 1080p HD - you can also select this if it is available.


This guide was developed by Kiera Mudry, MLIS.