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Frances Ellen Watkins Harper: Home

A Gumberg Library Research Guide

This research guide will connect you to reference works, print books and ebooks, databases for articles, and other information sources on African American poet, novelist, lecturer, abolitionist, suffragist, and social reformer, Frances Ellen Waktins Harper (1825-1911), who was a household name in the America of the 19th century.

–––– Primary Sources ––––

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–––– Find Articles ––––

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––– Dissertations ––––

Click a link below to see all dissertations or theses on Frances Ellen Watkins Harper.


A Philadelphia Poetry Moment: Frances E. W. Harper's Poetry, by Tara Lake

A Philadelphia Literary Moment: Frances E. W. Harper's Fiction, by Tara Lake

A Philadelphia Literary Moment: Frances E. W. Harper's Speeches, by Tara Lake

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