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From national to local, covering voter rights, registration, and the electoral process.

Federal Elections

Federal Elections are for:

  • U.S. House of Representatives (position is a 2-year term)
  • U.S. Senate (position is a 6-year term)
  • U.S. President (position is a 4-year term)

What are Midterms?

Midterm Elections mark the halfway point of a Presidential term. Midterm elections decide members of Congress, but not the President. As House and Senate seats are two-year and six-year terms, respectively, midterm elections decide all House seats and one-third of Senate seats. Midterms, while not as popular as Presidential elections, decide which political party will control the House and the Senate for the next two years. 

Many state and local elections happen at the midterm, as well. 

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Guide Notes

All election facts on this page are from the's election page.