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Deus Caritas Est ("God is Love"): Welcome

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI waving

Photo taken by Tadeusz Gorny in 2007 and placed into the public domain by the photographer.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Click the link below to see a video on YouTube in which Fr. Jeffrey Mickler of the Society of St. Paul gives commentary and reflections on Deus Caritas Est.

Deus Caritas Est (2006)

On this page you will find a link to the official Vatican text of Pope Benedict XVI's inaugural encyclical Deus Caritas Est (God is Love). This will be the subject of Bishop David Zubik's remarks when he visits Duquesne University on Wednesday, November 9, 2011. The encyclical and the commentary in the box below are offered to help interested faculty study the papal document in advance of the bishop's visit.

Commentary on Deus Caritas Est

The following are selected articles from magazines and journals providing commentary on Deus Caritas Est. Click the link below each citation to get to the full text of the article. If you want to read the articles at home, when you click on the link you will be asked to enter you Multipass username and password.


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Full text

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Full Text

Bishop David Zubik

Bishop David Zubik waving

Bishop David Zubik will visit Duquesne University on Wednesday, November 9, 2011, to address the Duquesne faculty on the papal encyclical, Deus Caritas Est. The bishop will speak in the Power Center Ballroom, 5th Floor, at 3:00 p.m. All faculty are encouraged to attend.

Read Bishop Zubik's installation homily in which he discusses Deus Caritas Est.


Photo from Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh website