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US Census Resources: Home

Comprehensive guide to using data from and researching the US Census.

Welcome to Gumberg Library's Census LibGuide. The purpose of this LibGuide is to provide resources for census data related to business, economics, sociology, criminal justice, and history.

The United States Census Bureau offers over 300 data tools for working with census data. While this guide is not exhaustive, it is designed to provide an intermediate level of knowledge and guidance in research using census data.

Guide Tour

The Home page provides directory to information contained on this guide, as well as direction to the main Census Bureau website.

Contains links to data tools for analyzing census data.

Contains links to tools to visualize Census data in the form of maps.

Provides variety of tools for viewing population and demographic data.

Provides tools for analyzing business and economic data, including tools to help analyze local business markets.

Provides links to historical census data, dating back to the first US Census (1790).

Provides FAQS, links, and other information for obtaining help and training for finding US Census data, as well as international census data.