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Gumberg for Alumni, Retirees, & Guest Borrowers

Apply for Borrowing Privileges as a Guest or Visiting Scholar 

Curriculum Center Special Borrowers

Local preschool, pre-K, and K-12 charter, cyber, and religious schools who have made prior arrangements with the Curriculum Center may arrange to borrow materials from Gumberg.

A dated letter of introduction is required and must:  

  • be printed on the institution's letterhead
  • state purpose for using collections
  • list authorized personnel who should be granted privileges
  • identify length of time needed for material access

Send the completed letter of introduction to the Curriculum Center Coordinator: Danielle Henzler (

Saint Anthony's School Programs

Students from St. Anthony's School are required to show a Duquesne University issued ID to register for borrowing privileges.

Counselors of St. Anthony's are permitted to fill out the Reciprocal and Special Borrower's registration form for students as needed.

Visiting Spiritans, NINS Faculty & Scholars, and Sponsored Faculty/Sponsors

The initial point of contact for all visiting scholars is the Library Administration Office. The University Librarian or designee will be responsible for communications between the scholars or hosting department and library service points.

To be eligible for library privileges, the visitor must:

  • Present a letter of introduction stating their institutional affiliation and purpose for using the Gumberg Library collections. 
  • Alternatively, an academic department or a campus Spiritan may host a visiting scholar and request library privileges for the scholar. 

Duquesne University requires a Multipass account for visiting scholars to use the Internet to access library electronic resources outside the library building and to use their personal laptops inside the building. The sponsoring department/office and Human Resources are responsible for managing the Multipass application process as well as the beginning and end dates for access. The sponsoring department will be responsible for the replacement costs of any unreturned or lost library materials.

‚ÄčNINS scholars are coded as adjunct/part-time faculty borrowers in our library system and enjoy all of the same borrowing privileges.

  • Items may be checked out upon presentation of valid passport, current U.S. driver’s license or state ID, or other state or federally issued picture ID.  

Independent scholars must:

  • Please email in order to request borrowing privileges as a Special Patron.

For visiting scholars

  • Items may be checked out upon presentation of valid passport, current U.S. driver’s license or state ID, or other state or federally issued picture ID.   
  • Other library services such as interlibrary loan may be provided on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the length of stay and the type of materials and services requested.

Scholars needing a space for their research will be accommodated as feasible. Study rooms may be checked out if available. Scholars must comply with library policies and hours of service.

The Gumberg Library and the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center are not responsible for assisting visiting scholars with travel, housing, or local transportation.

Clergy & Religious Borrowers

A dated letter of introduction is required and must state the potential borrower's:

  • affiliation within a diaconate or religious educational institution,
  • purpose for using the Gumberg collections,
  • and the length of time needed for material access.

A completed letter of introduction can be submitted by email:

Other Special Borrowers

Other special borrowing requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Contact to inquire.