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Gumberg Library Policies

Gumberg Library Exhibits Policy

Please use the following policies and procedures for exhibits in the Gumberg Library.

It is recommended that you visit the gallery space prior to submitting a request for an exhibit. As Duquesne University is a Catholic university, art submissions are expected to adhere to our Mission Statement. To view our Mission Statement please go to We reserve the right to limit any submissions for any reason.


The primary purpose of the gallery space at the Gumberg Library is to promote and display exhibits related to library programming. Artists may request the gallery space for an exhibit by contacting the University Librarian at ext. 6136. Library and campus events have priority. Art exhibits in the gallery space at Gumberg Library are typically two dimensional pieces displayed on the walls or smaller items that may be displayed in a vitrine (4’4” x 1’7” x 14”).


The gallery space is located in the Popular Reading Area adjacent to the front entrance and across from the main service desk. It consists of one wall that has 7 panels (5 are 44 inches across and 2 are 23 inches across. Height is 9 feet). The wall has dedicated lighting.


It is recommended that individual artists plan and install their exhibits. Library staff from the University Archives with museum experience may be available to assist. Art is to be displayed using a wall rail with chains, and S-hooks (these supplies will be provided). Alternative hanging methods must be approved prior to the exhibit. Please discuss installation of your exhibit with the University Librarian prior to the date of installation.


The gallery space at Gumberg Library is open all hours the library is open. Hours may change during holidays, holy days, and breaks. Verify hours at Please also note that evenings and weekends are card swipe access. Arrangements may be made for special access.


The Circulation Desk is staffed all hours the library is open. While complete security of items cannot be guaranteed, given the proximity of to the gallery space, it is likely that a staff member will be on alert to activities happening in the gallery area. In addition, Gumberg Library has security gates that work with TattleTape security strips. We recommend applying a small TattleTape (3 inches by 2 cm) to the back or underside of artworks. In the event someone tries to exit the building with a piece of artwork, the TattleTape will set off the alarm and alert staff members at the Circulation Desk.

Questions about Gumberg Library’s library social media should be addressed to Scott Buchanan, Communication and Engagement Librarian

Approved by the Gumberg Library Leadership Team January 2018