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Historic Duquesne Duke: University Times

A guide to accessing and using the "Historic Duquesne Duke" Digital Collection.

The Duquesne University "Times"

An image of the 'Spirit of Duquesne' and the accompanying text from "The Times," vol. 17, no. 9.
From "The Times," vol. 17, no. 9.

About the "University Times"

Beginning in 1991, "The Times" acted as a newsletter for the broader Duquesne community. Aimed at alumni and other interested parties, "The Times" omits the day-to-day campus activities, opinion and humor columns, and illustrations happenings in favor of updates on Duquesne as an institution. As such, it noted new faculty members and their achievements, lists of open positions within the University, admissions and fundraising statistics, and details on rewards and grants received by Duquesne students and staff.

In addition,"The Times" offered a different angle of alumni relations. Where other Duquesne publications broadcasted the personal and professional achievements of alumni to both inspire students and offer them updates on the lives of their former classmates, "The Times" listed any  activities for alumni, such as luncheons and opportunities to give back to their alma mater.

"The Times" circulated until 2010. It is the sole publication in the Historic "Duquesne Duke" collection that was not organized by students. It instead fell under the domain of Duquesne's Division of Public Affairs.