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Fairy Tales: A Research Guide: Find Books

Bluebeard, from The History of Bluebeard, 1889, published by Routledge. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sur La Lune EBooks Index

Around forty ebooks on fairy tales are available full text from the SurLaLune Fairy Tales website. Click the link below to se them.

Find Books

Books are great sources of information on the subject of fairy tales and their creators. In the online catalog you can find books on various aspects of fairy tales, about their creators, as well as fairy tales themselves. Click on a link below to search for all print books on that subject in the online catalog. Click here to learn how to find EBooks.

Other searches can be done. Not every relevant subject is listed here. If you want to learn about searching the online catalog for yourself, click here. If you need help with carrying out your own searches, click on the Ask a Librarian link on the menu at the top of the screen.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Icelandic, 1852. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Selected Books