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Bible Study Tools: Find Books


One of the Dead Sea Scrolls

One of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Photo by Tango7174. CC-ASA-4.0I

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Library of Congress Bible Subject Headings

Bible -This is the subject heading for the Bible in its entirety

Bible Old Testament  - This is the subject heading for the Old Testament

Bible Hexateuch

Bible Pentateuch

Bible Prophets

Bible Apocrypha - This is the subject heading for the entire Apocrypha

Bible New Testament - This is the subject heading for the New Testament

Bible Gospels

Bible Epistles

Bible Epistles of Paul

Bible Pastoral Epistles

Bible Epistles of John

Bible Catholic Epistles

Bible Genesis

Bible Exodus

Bible Leviticus

Bible Numbers

Bible Deuteronomy

Bible Joshua

Bible Judges

Bible Ruth

Bible Samuel 1st

Bible Samuel 2nd

Bible Kings 1st

Bible Kings 2nd

Bible Chronicles 1st

Bible Chronicles 2nd

Bible Ezra

Bible Nehemiah

Bible Esther

Bible Job

Bible Psalms

Bible Proverbs

Bible Ecclesiastes

Bible Song of Solomon

Bible Isaiah

Bible Jeremiah

Bible Lamentations

Bible Eziekel

Bible Daniel

Bible Hosea

Bible Joel

Bible Amos

Bible Obadiah

Bible Jonah

Bible Micah

Bible Nahum

Bible Habakkuk

Bible Zephaniah

Bible Haggai

Bible Zechariah

Bible Malachi

Bible Matthew

Bible Mark

Bible Luke

Bible John

Bible Acts

Bible Romans

Bible Corinthians 1st

Bible Corinthians 2nd

Bible Galatians

Bible Ephesians

Bible Philippians

Bible Colossians

Bible Thessalonians 1st

Bible Thessalonians 2nd

Bible Timothy 1st

Bible Timothy 2nd

Bible Titus

Bible Philemon

Bible Hebrews

Bible James

Bible Peter 1st

Bible Peter 2nd

Bible John 1st

Bible John 2nd

Bible John 3rd

Bible Jude

Bible Revelation

Bible Apocrypha Rest of Esther

Bible Apocrypha Ezra 2nd

Bible Apocrypha Tobit

Bible Apocrypha Judith

Bible Apocrypha Maccabees 1st

Bible Apocrypha Maccabees 2nd

Bible Apocrypha Maccabees 3rd

Bible Apocrypha Esdras 1st

Bible Apocrypha Esdras 2nd

Bible Apocrypha Esdras 3rd

Bible Apocrypha Esdras 4th

Bible Apocrypha Wisdom of Solomon

Bible Apocrypha Ecclesiasticas

Bible Apocrypha Baruch

Bible Apocrypha History of Susanna

Finding Biblical Commentaries & Criticism in the DUQSearch Online Catalog

The tool you will use to find biblical commentaries and works of biblical criticism is the DUQSearch online catalog. Instructions on how to use DUQSearch to find these types of works will be found below


Step 1: Find the Correct Library of Congress Subject Heading for a Biblical Book

To search quickly and efficiently for biblical commentaries and criticism, you need to first find the correct Library of Congress subject heading for the biblical book you are interested in. On the left of the screen is a box in which you can find the correct heading. You can find four different sorts of headings:

  • General
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical

Once you find the correct heading, write it down, or copy it to paste it into the search box in the Classic Catalog. By the way, for this kind of search to work, you must use a correct Library of Congress subject heading.

Step 2: Go the the Advanced Search Screen

A very powerful and flexible way to search the DUQSearch Catalog is to use the Advanced Search. In order to do this you must first get to the DUQSearch Catalog. You may do so by clicking the Gumberg Library link on the left at the top of the screen, which will take you to the library's homepage. The Advanced Search link is under the DuqSearch search box.

GEt to the Advanced Search Screen


Step 3: Enter your search

Enter the correct LCSH for the biblical book you are interested in the the first search box. Enter the word "commentaries" (or "criticism") in the second box. Leave the menus to the right of the search boxes set for "Select a Field (optional)." Do not click Search yet.

Enter your search 


DUQSearch will automatically find printed books, ebooks, and articles from selected databases when a search is run. Sometimes this gives an overwhelming result. If all you want to find are printed books and ebooks, no articles, type your search in the Advanced Search boxes, then scroll down. On the right, look for the limiter All Gumberg Specialized Collection Catalogs. Click the check box to the left of it. then click Search. This will limit your search to printed books and ebooks only.

Limit to books only