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Resources for Veterans

education & employmentveteran job searching

There are lots of places to find information on veterans in higher education and in post-military careers.

Here are some quick links to the resources found on this page:

Higher Education Web Resources            

Books at Gumberg: Vets in Higher Education

Job Searching Web Resources & Resume Tips

Books at Gumberg: Vets & Employment

Career & Education Services at Duquesne

photo by Justin Connaher

services at Duquesne

Duquesne is committed to veteran students, and provides support and services, including the below:

Education resources on the web

Below you will find links to freely available information on the web about veterans pursuing higher education after deployment.

job searching sites

Below you will find job searching sites on the web, as well as information from the VA on post-military employment. Duquesne's Career Center site lists even more job search databases.

books about veterans and higher education

resume writing tips

The links below give tips to veterans to help highlight their skills. Don't forget that Duquesne's Career Center also provides resume review services.

books from gumberg