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Resources for Veterans

filmmakerbooks & videos at Gumberg

Gumberg holds many books and films about veterans, in formats ranging from DVDs and streaming movies to books and e-books. Use these quick links for some examples from the collection.

Fiction       Memoirs      Reporting      Poetry 

Race & the military     Women in the military      LGBTQ people in the military


You can also find streaming videos from New Day and Films on Demand that deal with veterans' issues.

The Duquesne Writing Center urges veteran and military students to get involved with creative writing as a way to share their stories and experiences. You can learn more by contacting them by phone at 412-396-5209, email at, or by visiting them in person at 216 College Hall. Read more about the student veterans creative writing group, the DU Dog Tags, in The Duquesne Duke.



Search Tips

To find books and videos at Gumberg, you can enter your topic in either the Quick Search bar or the Advanced Search. Looking for scholarly articles instead? This page will give you some tips on where to find them.

In order to search for more videos, you can do an Advanced Search in the library catalog and select video as a format:

Advanced search for videos

You can do the same search and change the format to book or e-book. If you prefer, you can enter the search terms into the catalog search bar without specifying a format. Once your search results come back, you can filter on the left hand side of the page:

Filter results

You can click "more" to see even more formats:

More format options


women in the military



race & the military

LGBTQ People in the Military